I am back in D.C. and summertime is in full swing! I will be writing more often now since my schedule is a little more consistent again. These last two months have been the most wonderful and refreshing break. I was able to go home for a couple of weeks and be with my family and friends, then we all drove to California to go on our family vacation for the rest of May and June.  It was AWESOME.  We went on many crazy adventures and made lots of memories, from days spent in San Francisco, to running in the ocean with my little brothers, and hiking in the Red Wood Forest while it rained, but after all of that, the highlight for me was definitely Father’s Day. On Father’s Day I was able to preach with my dad at the church my grandparent’s pastored for eighteen years in California. On that same stage I had graduated from kindergarten, there I was, a 21 year old missionary coming back home to teach on that which is most dear to my heart, with my favorite person in the world. Dad and I were able to teach on temple prayer. We shared the many miracles we have experienced through prayer and how it has become the framework for my relationship with the Lord.  As we walked the congregation through temple prayer and what it looks like step-by-step, Holy Spirit continued to move in the room and I could see different people’s faces light up as they caught some revelation they’d never had before. It is so fulfilling when you know without a doubt you are doing exactly what God is calling you to do. It is a peace that surpasses all understanding and a joy that is made perfect only in him. Though my life is filled with countless blessings and things that I am grateful for, what is most special to me is my family and the testimony they carry. It is an immeasurable blessing to have been raised by praying parents who taught me the importance of intimacy with Jesus from an early age. I love Jesus and I love my family.


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