I love the law of the Lord. And I think in addition to the specific precepts, the Law is the pattern itself. The pattern given on The Mountain. The heavenly pattern that tells the story of intimacy, manifested itself to Moses, then carried throughout the generations. His ways, His law, His testimony all wrapped up in this pattern. This is The Way. And when Jesus came and fulfilled forever the requirement for atonement, becoming each spiritual principle in the flesh.. i.e. He is the GATE the way the truth and the life, He is the LAMB of God, He fulfills every commandment and WASHES us with the water of the Word, He is the LIGHT of the world, He is the BREAD that came down from heaven, He is the great HIGH PRIEST in Heaven, His body is the VEIL that was rent… it didn’t do away with the pattern itself but rather we can now perform our priestly duties in the Spirit freely able to minister in the House of God according to His Way with full access as his children and our bodies being temples of the Holy Spirit. We now have freedom to minister according to the PATTERN, according to His Ways. This has been the plan all along, pre-ordained, pre-destined, from before the creation of the world. A reflection of the Heavenly reality, the Heavenly House, a type and a shadow here on the inside of me. 

This is the ultimate, to KNOW God, the trinity, the closest intimacy, the way Adam knew Eve. And how you get to know someone is through spending time with them, communing with them. And there has always been a plan for communion. There is a way in Heaven that all creation communes with Him, and he showed us the Way in scripture. He had us build Him a dwelling place according to this pattern, and this is His exact communion plan. One Way. One way into the Father’s house. One way into His presence, to be with Him, to know Him for all eternity. Forever. This is The Way. And it is our calling now, as Priests, to minister to God in His House His way. To spend our lives in preparation for eternity. To understand these eternal principles from Heaven, His testimony, His story, His way, His invitation into intimacy. From the Garden to the Book of Revelation this is the story, this is the relationship. 

It’s where we’ve come from and it’s where we’re going…this great relationship.